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Harrison, Elisa Associate Degree in Accounting and in Business Administration


Elisa Harrison started working with IICA in August 2006 as the Secretary/Administrative Assistant and in 2016 she was promoted to Administrator. Prior to working with IICA, she worked at the Belize Social Investment Fund as an Administrative Assistant where she gained knowledge and experience in human resource and financial management. She has a degree in Business Administration and in Accounting. Ms. Harrison supports the Representative by carrying out the financial administration of the IICA Delegation in Belize and coordinates and ensures that all administrative, financial and accounting responsibilities are carried out efficiently and effectively for the successful implementation of the Annual Action Plan of the Delegation.  Ms. Harrison also supports the Representative in Human Resource Management.  Ms. Harrison also provides support to the externally projects both in financial management and administration. She ensures that the projects are being executed as per the legal instruments.

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