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Maxine Parris-Aaron, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a Masters in Tropical Veterinary Medicine who has over thirty six(36) experience in the field of agriculture, twenty-five (25) of which was spent in veterinary medicine. She also had spent ten (10) of the eighteen (18) years in IICA also working with women agro-processors in an effort to improve their food safety skills and income generation capabilities. Maxine has also facilitated business development among grassroots and micro-enterprises in Guyana. She has developed skills in building sustainable partnerships. In 2012, Dr. Parris-Aaron was fortunate to be appointed acting-Representative in the IICA Office in Guyana. During that time, she not only provided sound leadership to the small but dedicated staff but also increased and improved the collaboration between the IICA Office and other developmental partners. Two such collaborations led to increased activity in the area of shade house production and to the formation of a Women’s Agro-processing Development Network (WADN).

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