Evaluation of some parameters influencing the activity of a fungal biocontrol agent used for Bemisia tabaci control Academic Article uri icon


  • Some problems with using biological agents under field conditions are their susceptibility for sun radiation and their incompatibility with commonly used chemical pesticides. This is often due to the use of no or poor formulations. When photostability of a previously developed biocontrol product based on a Lecanicilllium lecanii isolate was evaluated by exposure to sun radiation, a reduction of 69.7% in the germination of non-formulated L. lecanni (VL026) conidia was obtained, compared with 37.4% reduction observed with the formulated conidia, six hours after exposure to radiation. Chemical pesticides, like Chlortalonyl, Diphenoconazole, Carbofuran and Dimethoate were not compatible with the fungus, whereas Sulfur, Cooper Oxichloride, Propiconazole and Carboxyn-Captan showed some compatibility. Under laboratory conditions, formulated and nonformulated conidia produced a80.6% and 69.1% mortality of B. tabaci nymphs, respectively.

Fecha de publicación

  • 2009