Application of polyamines in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) stops advance of bud rot disease Academic Article uri icon


  • Bud rot complex (PC) is a disease that affects oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.). It is a gradual rot of the young tissue which can kill the palm if the meristem is affected. Certain predisposing factors seem involved in development of the disease. However, in Colombia, many sick palms recover naturally. Knowing the multiple effects of polyamines in cell division and morphogenesis processes, we proposed some relationships between the polyamine content and bud rot disease. The endogenous contents of polyamines (PA) putrescine, spermidine and spermine were determined, using HPLC, in meristematic and bud tissues from oil palms in different sanitary stages (healthy and sick palms). The PA content in meristems and buds gradually decreased in sick adult palms. Oil palms recovered when the PA content increased. Application of PA to the stems of oil palms suffering from the disease, sped up their recovery and maintained healthy palms in areas where the disease incidence was high. The findings reported here introduced a novel and complementary management practice against one of the most devastating diseases of oil palm in Latin America.

Fecha de publicación

  • 2005